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Have you tried implementing a rower in your workout? Rowers are an excellent way to burn fat and gain muscle, exercising multiple parts of your body at once. Tone your abs, legs muscles and arms while burning belly fat with a quality rower. Concept rowers are among the best options on the market, offering the best quality and more importantly, the best workout. On the downside, Concept2 rowers can tend to be expensive unless you buy them at the right place and the right time. Deals going on right now, can help save you a ton of money on Concept2 rowers like the Model D, Model E and Dynamic rower. If you are looking to buy a rower for your home gym, ask these questions about deals on Concept2 rowers.

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What can you tell me about the Concept2 Model D Rower?

The Concept2 Model D rower is expertly designed with carefully designed and placed handles, seats, and footrests that maximize comfort. Its flywheel design makes the rower quieter and allows for smoother strokes. If you are looking for a basic rower that is comfortable and gets the job done, this is the rower for you.

Does the rower include a monitor?

Included with all rowers from Concept2 is a PM5 performance monitor. The advanced PM5 Performance Monitor helps you keep track of your performance, calories burned and programmed workouts. The monitor offers both wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Information tracked while exercising can be stored in the device itself or via an external drive thanks to USB connectivity. The monitor is within easy reach, so everything is at your control.

What deals are available for the Model D rower?

You can get the Concept2 Model D rower for as low as $900 from Rogue Fitness. While this might seem like a lot of money, it is actually a decent price for the quality you will get. Many other high-end rowers will cost you well over a thousand and little difference in quality. The Concept2 Model D rower can be purchased with a vinyl rower mat for just a mere $55 more. On top of this, get flat rate shipping.

How is the Concept2 Model E different from the model D?

The Concept2 Model E Rower offers superior durability and a higher frame to reduce tiredness in the knees. It also makes it easier for those with limited mobility and flexibility to row. With its overall design that is more solid and sleek, the Model E is a little more luxurious than the Model D. Even picky gym rats will be plenty pleased with this one. Get the Model E for around $1,160 when purchased through Amazon. You’ll also get free shipping and you don’t even have to be an Amazon Prime member.

What can you tell me about the Concept2 Dynamic Rower?

The Concept2 Dynamic Rower offers free movement and minimal body movement when working out. It is designed to simulate actual rowing on water for the purposes of training professional rowers. Providing you with greater control and a better workout, this is the rower for experts. Get this rower starting at $1,250 from the Concept2 website. Get a two-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Are rowers easy to assemble and store?

Rowers from Concept2 are exceptionally easy to assemble. The Model D requires just eight screws, while the Model E requires 10. Additionally, these models are easy to fold up and store, so they take up minimal space in your home. The Concept2 Dynamic rower is fully assembled already but must be stared as-is.

What are the benefits of a Concept rower?

Using a rowing machine like the Concept 2 provides you with a full-body workout. Working every major muscle in your body, you’ll be in-shape before you know it – and marvelously toned. Whether you want stronger arm muscles and legs muscles, or a better butt, the Concept2 can help you get there, helping you burn calories a lot faster. Concept2 rowers provide cardio and strength-training all-in-one.

How long has Concept2 been making rowers?

Concept2 has been in business since 1976, when they started making racing oars. In 1981, they began making the first Concept indoor rowers, which became some of the fastest-selling pieces of equipment on the market. Now with years of experience making rowers, they have become increasingly efficient at it, making some of the best quality rowers on the market.

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