Ask This About Children's Sport Shoes

Playing sports as a kid can be a great way to exercise, make new friends, and have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, competing in organized sports means making sure that all players are equipped with the proper equipment. While most of the uniform might not be that hard to find, buying the right sports shoes or cleats is an entirely different story. The sheer amount of options that parents will have as they shop for new shoes or cleats for their child can be overwhelming. In order to find the perfect shoes for their children, parents should ask these questions.

What do I need to pay attention to when buying soccer cleats?

Soccer is one of the most active professional sports in the world. The players on the field are always moving and that means that they need to have great traction. When making sudden turns, such as switching directions to chase the ball, the type of cleats that are being worn can have a huge impact. There are spikes on the front, heel, midsole, and stud of the shoe. Consider the Adidas Kids' Goletto VI FG Soccer Cleats from Dick's Sporting Goods for just $19.99. These cleats have spikes rounding the edges of the shoes.

Is there really a difference between soccer cleats and football cleats?

The major difference between a pair of football cleats and a pair of soccer cleats will be the bulk of the shoe. Consider the Under Armour Kids' Renegade RM Football Cleats from Dick's Sporting Goods for just $17.98. These cleats sport higher ankles, bulkier bodies, and heavier studs.

What is an affordable pair of boy's baseball cleats?

Cleats in baseball are just as important as cleats in basketball or football. Baseball cleats are going to be lighter and slimmer than football cleats while being similar in size to soccer cleats. Baseball cleats put more emphasis on the front and back of the shoe. At Baseball Monkey, parents can purchase the Under Armour Glyde Girl's Rubber Molded Fastpitch Cleats for just $24.99.

What should I look for in kids basketball shoes?

Shoes are an iconic part of basketball. Not only are basketball shoes important for the function of the game, but they are also icons of pop-culture and style. When looking at basketball shoes, parents should pay the most attention to proper sizing, ankle protection, and sole strength. Basketball shoes get put under a tremendous amount of stress during competition.

Why would I want high-ankle basketballs hoes?

In basketball, the most common injury will occur to or around the ankle. Why? It is common for players to land awkwardly, trip over other players, or even to get kicked. As a result, additional ankle support has become increasingly popular. Consider the Boys' Big Kids' Air Jordan Why Not Zero.2 Basketball Shoes from Finish Line for just $84.99. These shoes sport high-ankle support in order to prevent twisted ankles.

What are the most affordable kids basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes tend to be expensive but that doesn't mean there aren't affordable options out there. Shoppers on Amazon can find a pair of AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoes for just $29.98 per pair. These shoes are great for kids that just need something affordable to play around in. When competing in an organized league, consider an upgrade.

When looking at football cleats, what feature is most important?

For football cleats, the important features will change based on the position that the child is playing. For example, a lineman would want more protection from their cleats than a quarterback or wide receiver. Products like the Kids' Freak Mid MD Von Football Cleats from Adidas for $20.98 could be a great choice for lining up as a receiver.

What is the best pair of football cleats for a kid who wants to play quarterback?

For a quarterback, kids are going to want to prioritize lighter shoes that are easier to run in. Parents can turn to Under Armour for the Hammer Mid RM Football Cleats for just $39.99. These cleats are durable but light enough to run in.

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