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Keeping a child entertained throughout the year can be an almost impossible task. After all, there is only so much that parents can do while at home! Unfortunately, going out and about for fun activities can be a drain to the bank account. Does this mean it is impossible to get out of the house and have fun? As it turns out, there is so much more to do than the typical trip to the park or the movies! Today, readers will learn about different fun, out-of-the-house activities that they can do in order to entertain and bond with their children. Keep on reading in order to learn how to keep the kids entertained this year!

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What kind of fun activities can I find in a small town?

One of the biggest problems that most parents have is finding something to do in a smaller town. Fortunately, most small towns will at least have a local museum. Consider Rockford's own Burpee Museum of Natural History! A visit to this museum only costs $7 per child and $8 for adults! Museums can be a great place to spark curiosity in children of all ages.

What is there to do for children who want to be active?

For parents with children who need to blow off some energy, a trampoline park can be the perfect place. Sky High Sports in Santa Clara is a great place for kids to bounce around on trampolines or hang out in any of the gaming areas. Tickets at Sky High Sports only cost $17 per hour.

Are there any fun ways to foster a love of sports with my children?

Seeing a professional sporting event can be an expensive adventure. Fortunately, minor league teams are just as entertaining for children while being a fraction of the process. Parents in Boston can spend an afternoon watching the Pawtucket Red Sox play the Mets for just $14 per ticket. Seeing a minor league team in person can be a great way to watch exciting young players.

What are some educational activities for my kids?

Entertaining kids while teaching them is a trick that all parents should learn. Fortunately, it's easier than ever when parents take their children to an exciting aquarium. At the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium, admission for children only costs $14 per child! Aquariums are a great way to explore nature, inspire curiosity, and promote learning in a fun environment.

Are there any hidden gems for kids activities?

For parents tired of trying the 'same old, same old', consider heading to an indoor sports park. Places like the Badger Sports Park in Appleton, WI can provide a host of fun activities from bowling and mazes to laser tag! Five games of laser tag only runs $35 and each game lasts half of an hour. This is a great way to get your child's energy up while allowing them to explore new games and activities.

What if we want fun activities for the whole family?

Is there any better way to have fun alongside your kids than by heading to a water park? Aquatica, Seaworld's Waterpark, in Orlando is one of the best waterparks in the country. This expansive waterpark has rides and slides for kids and parents alike. Tickets can be purchased directly from the website for just $52 per day. Trust us, there is plenty to do!

What is something laid back that we can do together?

For parents that don't want to spend an entire week's worth of energy at once, consider heading to Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, CA. Camelot Golfland is one of the top mini-golf courses in all of California. The park has plenty to offer young children and parents alike thanks to laser tag, video games, mini-golf and more. Tickets start out at only $8.99 per person.

I want something fun for my young and older kids, what should we look into?

Wizard Quest in the Wisconsin Dells is an interactive scavenger hunt. PArents get to pick what type of experience they have and their kids get to go wild solving puzzles in an interactive maze of medieval parks. Tickets are just $14.99 per person.

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