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The design of ceiling fans has evolved in the 21st century to include a fan for every style and need. While the standard five blade fans with three light bulbs in fluted light fixtures are still available, numerous sleek alternatives pepper the market. Some are created to blend in with the personal style of a homeowner, such as a fan with an art deco light design or sleek, modern blades. Others are crafted to offer superior air distribution through the use of specially designed, aerodynamic blades. Advances in lighting technology have also enhanced the lighting elements of ceiling fans as more models include built-in LED bulbs or a dome-shaped light fixture that distributes light more evenly, eliminating the shadows created by older models. Ask these questions to learn more.

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What's a great aerodynamic model?

The 52-inch Casa Rogue LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling fan is a model with blades pitched at 13 degrees over the span of the fan to force air through the home. The ceiling fan sells for $280 at retailers like Lamps Plus and websites such as Amazon.

What are some more affordable models?

On the more affordable end, the Home Decorators Collection Bentley fan at Home Depot retails for $139 and features a more traditional fan shape suspended from a ceiling mount. You can also find plenty of options at Home Depot for $200 or less.

What are aerodynamic fans?

Aerodynamic fans are designed to help push air through the home more quickly. Most aerodynamic designs feature blades with a steeper angle relative to the center point of the ceiling fan. These models are able to move more air quickly for the household using the fan to cool a room or keep air flowing without a central air system.

What should I look for in a modern ceiling fan?

Modern ceiling fans blend the product's function with unique designs that let homeowners pick a fan that fits each room. From center-cage styles to units with LED lights, the summer-time staple comes in a style suitable for every shopper. Modern ceiling fans have also flipped the design tables by incorporating more caged fans suspended from the ceiling with the lighting elements suspended around a center cage.

What can you tell me about the Possini Euro Segue ceiling fan?

The Possini Euro Segue sells for $450 at Walmart and on eBay and Lamps Plus. It features a fan that can be tilted to direct airflow with ease and blades pitched at 18 degrees to force more air through the home. The center cage is surrounded by LED bulbs controlled by remote.

What's another great modern ceiling fan?

The Savoy House Arena three-blade hanging ceiling fan sold through Lighting Showplace, Lumens and Bellacor for $638 features a center-mounted fan surrounded by a rounded cage lending a unique elegance to the piece.

What's an excellent fan available at Home Depot?

The Stile Anderson 22 in. Ceiling Fan sells for $200 at Home Depot and features an elegant design, brushed nickel finish and a center-mounted fan. LED lights circle the fan and are also mounted flush with the base of the unit. Both the fan speed and lights are adjustable with an included remote control - another upgrade to the classic unit.

What's available at Lamps Plus?

For $200, Lamps Plus sells the Casa Brisbane ceiling fan in the classic five-blade design. The sleek teak-finish blades and a black rust finish add depth to the fan while an ornate base lends a touch of class.

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