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    Ask This About Car Floor Mats

    Car floor mats play an important role in the longevity of your vehicle, protecting the interior of your vehicle from dirt and grime, and preventing slipping among other things. Over time, car floor mats may need replacing for a variety of reasons. Upholstered floor mats usually included in most cars often become overly soiled beyond the hands of the strongest shampoo. Mats may also be exposed to regular wear and tear, reducing traction to the car floor. When this happened, car floor mats may become loosened and slippery, making them potentially dangerous for the driver. Car floor mats can be purchased readily from dealerships, auto shops and online. The top car floor mat companies include Weathertech, Motor Trend and Zazzle. If you are in need of new car floor mats, ask these questions to learn more.

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    Do they make car floor mats for my truck bed or trunk?
    In addition to mats made for under the driver and passenger seats, there are also mats that can protect the floor of your vehicles trunk. Like their mats for the driver's side, their car floor mats for trunks also protect the vehicle from, dirt mud and liquid spills.
    How can I protect my car interior from weather?
    In the Spring and Winter months, its easy to track in muddy or soiled footprints from the rain. In times like these, its best to choose a rubberized or weatherproof car floor mat. Companies like Weathertech make car floor mats that are designed to fit the contours of your vehicle. The not only prevent, but water and other liquids from seeping into your car floor, with edges that prevent spilling from the sides.
    Are car floor mats too expensive?
    Car floor mats can be purchased from a variety of different places in a variety of price ranges. Likely, there is a floor mat out there to fit your budget too. While, there are plenty of expensive mats out there, there are nearly as many inexpensive ones such as Motor Trend mats that can be purchased at stores like Walmart.
    Can I get mats with custom designs?
    In addition to pre-designed mats, there are also mats available that can be designed by you. At Zazzle, you can get a set of car floor mats in nearly any color with a design, image or logo printed on it for under $50.
    How can I ensure the car floor mat will fit my vehicle?
    Many car floor mat makers have mats that are specially designed for certain vehicles. To ensure the car floor mat of your choice, fits your vehicle, choose the right mat accordingly. At Weathertech you can find a mat that is designed for your car by searching the year, make and model of your vehicle.
    Don't rubber floor mats smell terrible?
    While some car floor mats, especially rubberized weatherproof ones, give off an unpleasant tire-like odor, this is no always the case. Higher quality mats and available odorless mats usually eliminate these types of concerns. Motor Trend makes flexible and durable mats that are completely odorless to maintain the ideal car smell in your vehicle.
    Are disposable floor mats available?
    For those only looking to protect their car floor only when absolutely necessary, paper floor mats are an option. Paper floor mats often used by mechanics, can protect your car from dirt, grease, and grime just as effectively, though they may not be as attractive.
    How can I get car floor mats fast?
    Many car floor mats can be shipped to you by the next day, but you may have to sacrifice getting an exact fit. Walmart offers quick shipping to the home, as well as ship to store and today pickup options, allowing you to get your mats as soon as you need them.