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Buying baby formula online can be a little tricky. Baby formula is the best food for babies other than breast milk, but if breast milk isn’t available or just not an option, formula is just as nutritious and beneficial. Many people sell formula secondhand online, but you should always buy baby formula online from a reputable retailer and not from a swap meet. Fortunately, there are many such stores online to choose from and many have coupons or codes or everyday prices that are affordable. The top 3 places to buy baby formula online are,, and Ask these questions to learn more about buying baby formula online, and find out if one of these retailers is right for you.

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Can I use coupons?
You can use coupon codes for the specific websites. Otherwise, you cannot use coupons you clip out from the newspaper. But that's okay. You will find great bargains at online retailers.
Can I save by buying more?
Usually, you can save more by buying more. However, sometimes, such as is the case with Costco, the price is such a good deal that they limit it to 2 per guest per transaction.
Can I use food stamps?
Unfortunately, due to the limits of federal and state budgets, online shopping is not really capable of using food stamps as a payment method at this time. There is some talk of it being an option for grocery purchases in the future, however.
What sites sell baby formula?
Most online grocery stores sell baby formula online, but the best prices are found at,, and These websites are well-known in the couponing community for the best prices for formula and diapers. 
Are samples available online?
Yes. You can sign up for formula samples at many different websites including Babies 'R Us, Enfamil, and Similac. Your pediatrician's office might have other resources for you for you to sign up for samples. 
How old is my baby?
While most formula contains all the nutrition necessary for most babies, you might be interested in special formula that is designed especially for newborns. You may also be interested in formula designed to be sweeter as well.
How does my baby respond to this brand of formula?
If you find a good deal on formula online, you shouldn't buy it unless you know how your baby will respond to it. If it's one you've tried, you're good to go. If you haven't tried it before, but you don't have a fussy baby, you might be fine as well. 
What type of formula does my baby need?
Before you look for baby formula online, you need to know what type of formula your baby needs. Most formulas are milk based and include casein, a dairy protein. If your baby has been diagnosed with a lactose intolerance, you'll need soy-based formulas. Other formulas have been designed to address other developmental needs as well.

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