Ask This About Australia and New Zealand Cruises

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, it’s time to take a trip to Australia and New Zealand. And there’s no better way to see these gorgeous countries than by taking an unforgettable cruise. The top cruise lines for cruise lines servicing the area include Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise line. Currently these top cruise lines are offering the best services and the best deals compared to any other cruises, allowing you to see more of Australia and New Zealand while giving you enough chances to kick back and relax as you soak it all in. If you are ready for the perfect Australia and New Zealand cruise but would like to know more, ask these questions and learn about the top three deals from the best cruise lines.

What is the top cruise from Celebrity Cruises?

Generally, an Australia and New Zealand can last around a little over a week, but can last as long as two weeks. But Celebrity Cruises can last a maximum of 12 days. Their 12-Night New Zealand cruise will take you from Sydney to New Zealand, exploring many of New Zealand's most breathtaking natural sights. Guests will have access to bars, lounges, exclusive restaurants, live entertainment and a whole lot more.

What is the top cruise from Norwegian Cruise Line?

One of Norwegian Cruise Line's best cruise is their 10-day Australia and New Zealand Cruise.Your Norwegian cruise ship will stop at a number of different ports on your journey. Ports for Australian and New Zealand cruises include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington. Which ports will be explored depends entirely on which cruise you select, so be sure you check out the itinerary first. For the most exploration, this is easily the best option.

What is the top cruise from Princess Cruises?

 Princess Cruises can take you on an unforgettable 13-Night Australia/New Zealand round-trip journey from Sydney for less than $900. Adults and children can participate in activities and excursions that allow you to discover and learn all at once. Learn about wild plant life and animals in their natural habitats and also eat some of the best food and desserts any cruise has to offer when you climb aboard a Princess Cruise ship.

Are dining and beverages included with the price?

Dining and beverages are sometimes included but it all depends on the cruise line you choose. Norwegian Cruise Line offers free specialty dining and a free unlimited bar. Princess Cruises offers more dining options included with the price but charges for beverages in beverage packages charged by the day.

What’s the best cruise line for a romantic getaway?

For the best romantic getaway, it’s always best to choose a luxury cruise, as these are more expensive. Because of this, people are less likely to bring their kids, so you’ll find a lot more quiet-time. There’s also less of a focus on activities for kids and more of a focus on relaxation and fun for adults.

What are the best cruises for families?

The best cruises for families are Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruises. Not only are these the most affordable options for families, but they also offer the most activities for families. So both kids and adults can have fun together and learn a whole lot, including about nature and native plants. Check out some cute and cuddly koalas or explore the Great Barrier Reef – the choice is yours.

Are there round-trip cruises available?

Round-trip cruises are available but they are mostly available for longer trips. Most set sail from and return to Sydney. So, if you want to use the same airport to go back home, choose a round-trip cruise ticket for you and your family.

Can I get free room service?

Free room service is available to guests on certain cruise lines. Celebrity Cruises offers butler services to its guests in suites, while Princess Cruises also offers complimentary 24-hour room service. So when you want to get away from the crowd and enjoy some alone time, the option is always open to you.

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