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    Ask This About Allergy Treatment

    Finding the allergy treatment that works for you is important. Allergies are one of nature’s most annoying ways to let you know that your body isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be. Fortunately, you can fortify your body against the brutal wheezing and sniffles from allergies by finding – and sticking to – an allergy treatment that works with your body, not against it. The top 3 allergy treatments are Claritin, Benadryl, and Allegra. Each of these medications can help you fight the allergies that plague you and allow you to go about your day. If you are like millions of Americans who suffer from allergies, ask these questions to learn more about allergy treatments and what they can do for you.

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    Is this medication non drowsy?
    For relief of symptoms during the day, you may want a non drowsy medication to ease your allergy symptoms. This will prevent you from feeling fatigued and tired throughout the day. But you may have to pay a little more at times and they may not be as effective for you. Allergy medications like Claritin are available in non-drowsy form.
    Can I take this with food?
    Most allergy medications can be taken with or without food. This is usually not a problem. However, not all allergy medications are the same, so you should always read the label or follow pharmacy instructions.
    Will this medication make me drowsy?
    Medications like Benadryl are known to cause drowsiness and are best taken during the night. While they may work for most of the day, they will wear off as the day goes on. However, if allergies are giving you trouble sleeping, they may be necessary.
    What are the ingredients?
    Some ingredients you may be more sensitive to than others. reading the label is important in determining what will work best for you. If you know you need a higher dosage of antihistamine, then look for a product with the correct dosage.
    Can I get prescription allergy medication?
    Prescription allergy medications are available for patients who need them. If you think you may need a prescription dose, talk to your doctor to weigh your options and potentially find a medication that works for you.
    Can I take allergy medications while driving?
    Some medications may advise against operating machinery or driving vehicles while you are taking them. These are usually the drowsy type of allergy medications. Be sure to read the label for safety instructions.
    Do I need to go to the emergency room?
    If symptoms are so severe that you feel you may need to go to the emergency room, it is important that you do so and speak to a doctor immediately. You may have a condition far more severe than any over the counter medication can handle.
    Do any allergy medications last for 24 hours?

    Yes, you can get allergy medications such as Xyzal and Flonase that are effective for 24 hours. These medications are ideal because they don't require repeat dosages throughout the day. However, talk to your doctor about taking these medications if you're using any other products to treat allergies or other ailments.