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Ready to take an Alaskan cruise? There’s never been a better time to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking wildlife of America’s most beautiful state. Take in Alaska the way it deserves to be seen: aboard an unforgettable luxury cruise. Whether traveling with your significant other, or with family, you are sure to find adventure aboard an Alaskan cruise. Online, you can find plenty of excellent cruise deals on the top cruise lines, offering the best services available. Enjoy everything Alaska has to offer, while partaking in quality dining, numerous activities and so much more. The top Alaska cruise lines include Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. If you are interested in taking an Alaskan cruise aboard one of the best cruise lines in the world, ask these questions.

How much will an Alaskan cruise cost me?

Alaskan cruise prices will be different depending on the type of room you select and all the additional packages you select along with your cruise. Generally, a seven-day cruise will typically cost you around $800 this time of year (fall). But you may be able to find a better price by shopping around on websites like Expedia.

Are there round-trip cruises available?

If you want to return to the original port that you set sail from, you can select a round-trip cruise that will return you to Seattle Vancouver, LA, or wherever else you set sail from. Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival cruises all offer this option. So, you may be able to avoid having to take a flight back home.

What is the top Alaska Cruise offered by Princess Cruises?

Princess Cruises can last up to 15 days depending on which type of journey you select. Princess cruise also offers options for a cruisetours that takes place on both land and sea, allowing you to see more of Alaska’s most famous landmarks and sights that can take a little longer. But some Alaskan cruises that just take a matter of seven days. Easily one of Princess Cruise's best options is the seven-night round-trip Alaskan cruise setting sail from Seattle. It includes fresh meals, live entertainment and servers dedicated to making your trip as welcoming as possible.

What is the top Alaska cruise offered by Royal Caribbean?

One of the best cruises from Royal Caribbean is their Seven-day cruise from Seattle. Adults can enjoy at live shows, grab a drink, or gamble aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. Or adults can have some relaxation, kicking it back on-deck or treating themselves at the spa. Royal Advantage customers will have access to even more dining experiences, activities and entertainment. The options are endless.

What is the top cruise offered by Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise offers the best Alaskan Cruise for families with their seven-night cruise from Seattle to Vancouver. On a Carnival Cruise, kids can participate in a Youth Program that has won numerous awards, helping kids to learn and have fun all at once. or they can brave it on a ginormous waterslide. Meanwhile adults can get some time away from the kids at the Serenity Adults Only Retreat for some quiet and relaxation. Afterwards, the whole family can eat together and enjoy some live entertainment.

What ports are there?

There are numerous ports to explore when taking an Alaskan cruise. Ports may include Glacier Bay, Skagway, Victoria, Vancouver, Sitka and Juneau depending on the cruise line you choose. Carnival Cruises explores all of these destinations.

What are my dining options?

You’ll have numerous dining options to choose from with the top Alaskan cruises. Among the options you’ll have is a more casual dining experience with Carnival. But more luxurious cruises like Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises offer specialty dining and reservations-only dining. Aboard any of these cruise lines, you’ll get to taste fresh local Alaskan ingredients and dishes.

Where do I board?

Cruises set sail from a variety of locations, but of course most of them are in the pacific Northwest. Setting sail from Vancouver and Seattle is the most common for one-way and round-trip cruises. However, there are cruises that set sail from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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