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    Ask This About a Diet for Osteoporosis

    When you have osteoporosis, you learn that you need to eat right to make sure that your bones stay as strong as possible. A diet for osteoporosis will be vitamin-rich, dense in nutrients to make your bones strong. Some people with osteoporosis also have a hard time absorbing nutrients, which is why it is so important that everything you eat is jam-packed with them to boost your chances of absorbing them. While a good diet won’t cure your osteoporosis, it can help you fight it or buy you some time. If you or a loved one have osteoporosis, you can ask these questions to learn about how to start the right diet to meet your needs and make you as strong as possible.

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    Will losing weight help my osteoporosis?
    Your weight likely did not cause your osteoporosis, as it is an issue related to your bones, but maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the strain that is put on your bones when you do activities. Make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.
    What nutrients do I need to strengthen my bones?
    There are so many nutrients that can benefit your bones in terms of strength and durability, but focusing on calcium, vitamin D, and iron are very important. Remember to focus on total health, not buzzwords.
    Should I take vitamin supplements?
    Your doctor will recommend supplements if you're not absorbing enough nutrients from your diet. Sometimes you only have to take them for a short amount of time as your body gets used to the new diet. Your doctor will tell you what you need to do.
    Should I use vitamin-fortified milk and cereal?
    You should definitely use pasteurized, fortified milk. This milk meets certain regulatory standards that mean it's safe and healthy for you. Likewise, fortified cereals can help you get the much needed vitamin intake easily, but make sure to watch out for added sugars.
    Do I need to start fad diets for osteoporosis?
    No, you do not have to start any fad diets. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, and you aren't necessarily going on a diet, but changing your eating habits to eat more healthily. 
    Do I just need a glass of milk a day to help my osteoporosis?
    Contrary to what the old milk commercials said, extra servings of milk are not all you need to prevent or help osteoporosis. You should be practicing mindful eating as often as you can, focusing on nutrient dense food to keep you healthy.
    What foods are rich in calcium?
    Calcium is an important nutrient when it comes to bone strength. Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt can help you get your daily intake of calcium. Green vegetables like kale and broccoli are also good sources of calcium.
    What foods are rich in vitamin D?
    Many vegetables have small amounts of vitamin D, but fatty fish like tuna and salmon have large amounts of vitamin D. Incorporating these fish in your diet will benefit your health.