5 of the Most Profitable Franchises You Can Buy Right Now

Buying a franchise can be an excellent way to make money. By buying a franchise you can earn money from an already established brand, making your mark on the company’s success and potentially earning a ton of profit. All it takes is a small investment, a little time and some level of business knowledge to make your franchise flourish. While it might seem like a great idea to pick a well-established company name that might guarantee customers, choosing a lesser known company will cost you less when it comes to investment and can potentially maximize your profit. The top 5 most profitable franchises you can buy right now (and we bet you’ve never heard of them) include MaidPro, Pinto’s Palette, Wild Bird’s Unlimited, Smoothie King and the Huntington Learning Center. If you are interested in buying a franchise to start earning a profit now, ask these questions.

What can you tell me about Smoothie King?

Smoothie businesses can be huge, especially with people becoming more aware of their personal health. One of the lesser known franchises is Smoothie King based in New Orleans. They also offer vitamin supplements, energy bars and energy drinks. It’s a great alternative for people that don’t like coffee and there are people like that.

What can you tell me about Wild Birds Unlimited?

Wild Birds Unlimited is a brilliant franchise to buy for those who love birds. Bird-watching is an enormously popular hobby, and many do it even from their backyard. Wild Birds Unlimited sells wild bird food and products that attract birds so that homeowners or even business owners can attract birds to their bird-loving sanctuary. It’s a great franchise to buy if you live in a more rural area of the country. The cost of this franchise varies.

What can you tell me about MaidPro?

MaidPro is a cleaning and maintenance service that provides low cost cleaning to households and businesses. It’s currently been ranked one of the best franchises to by by Forbes and other prestigious business journals. Since it is top rated satisfaction and support, it’s a franchise that strives for the quality that customers have come to expect. It’s also incredibly low cost to start up at less than $75,000.

How do I get the money for a franchise?

Some franchises may be so affordable you may already have the money saved up, especially if you’ve already been working for a while. Otherwise, you may be able to get a loan, provided you have good credit and it shouldn’t take you long to pay that off if your business is a success.

What can you tell me about Huntington Learning Center?

Do you love teaching? The Huntington Learning Center offers students high quality tutoring designed to prepare them for the ACT or SAT, as well as subject in school they may be struggling with. Compared to its competitors, the Huntington Learning Center claims you’ll make up to 61% more in profits.

What can you tell me about Pinot’s Palette?

You’ve probably heard of wine and dine, but have you ever heard of wine and paint? Pinot’s Palette offers an art-inspired catering experience so you can sip wine while people paint with their family, friends or co-workers. With over 180 locations, Pinot’s Palette is growing and you can help it grow further. It’s the perfect franchise choice for business-savvy people that already love to entertain, and it will only cost you less than $65,000.

Which locations are available?

Make sure when you choose a franchise that you have the room to do it. For the best profit, you’ll need a prime location. Some locations for a lack of a better word are cursed. No matter what the franchise is, people just don’t seem to come. So make sure you choose a franchise location that is well populated and attracts a lot of business. An interesting concept alone doesn’t guarantee customers.

What are the advantages of buying a lesser known franchise?

Buying a lesser known franchise is a great way to make a profit for a number of reasons. For one, buying a lesser-known franchise usually means you don’t have to invest as much to start it up. Some franchises that can cost up to a million dollars may not see you a profit for a long time to come. And if your franchise fails, you may not see a profit at all. And believe it or not, you may have better luck choosing a lesser known company because it will attract people who like to try new things. Because if you start up a Starbucks and there’s another right down the street, there’s nothing separating you from the competition.

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