Ask This About 3 Hacks to Improve Cell Phone Signal

Weak signal strength is a tough reality for many people around the world. Luckily, you don’t have to sit back and do nothing. There are actually a number of ways you can improve your signal strength. And by strengthening your signal, you can achieve faster data speeds and cell phone reception, allowing you to make calls from anywhere at any time. Through the use of simple and convenient cell phone hacks, you can easily and effectively boost your cell phones signal strength, requiring minimal materials to do so. The 3 best hacks to improve your cell phone signal include a signal booster, an antenna and the OpenSignal app. If you are having signal troubles, here are 3 little known hacks to improve your cell phone signal.

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Where can I find out how to make my own antenna?
You can find a number of videos online to make an antenna from websites like YouTube. These videos will provide detailed instructions that will make it look easy (and it is), allowing you to quickly make your very own antenna.
Can I get a signal booster from my provider?
A signal booster from your provider can be a great option as it can cost you next to nothing. Most providers will have them and will only charge a small deposit to lend one to you. They may not even charge a deposit at all, because after all they are simply providing a service you already paid for.
Can I buy a signal booster?
A signal booster placed in an office or at home, can boost your signal in those areas. If you use a cell phone as a home phone or office phone, this may be a great option. However, these can be quite expensive to buy, costing as much as $500.
Are there apps available?
There are apps available that can help you boost your signal, but they cannot actually boost your signal directly because that is not currently possible. However, an app called OpenSignal can help you locate cell phone towers so that you can more easily find a stronger signal strength.
What's the catch?
There's no denying it. Some of these cell phone signal hacks aren't particularly attractive when it comes to appearances, but they do get the job done. You'll have to weigh in on the pros and cons when it comes to that. But another issue is that these are not 100% foolproof methods as they cannot get you a signal where there is none to be found.
Where can I buy an antenna?
You can actually boost your signal the old fashioned way - using an antenna. Antennas can be readily purchased from an electronics store, mobile store or from online retailers. These antennae plug into your cell phone's headphone jack, so you won't be able to plug in headphones.
Is it cheaper to buy or make an antenna?
Buying an antenna will usually cost you less than $20, but making an antenna can be absolutely free if you have the materials. You may need to only buy one or two cheap materials that you don't already have like magnetic wire tape, but other than that making your own antenna will be even less expensive.
When should I use a cell phone hack?
The best times to use one of the top 3 cell phone hack methods are in areas of low signal strength - obviously. You may find that you are able to get a signal in areas where you previously could not. For instance, it may be the perfect way to get a signal when camping or at sea.

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