Apps That Manage Your Money So You Don't Have to Worry

Planning your financial future can be scary without a roadmap. Hiring financial planners can be expensive, but now there are software programs that can manage your money for you without charging an arm and a leg. We’ve picked out the top three – check them out here: our favorites are Mint, Venmo and LearnVest. Unlike some other popular finance apps, these apps don't require a social security number. Also, each app specializes in a different aspect of money management, which means one of these three great apps is likely to meet your needs. Gone are the days when you need to visit a bank or consult with with bankers before taking steps to manage your money. Also, managing your money online is safer and less risky than sending money by mail. Thinking of using one of these apps to handle your money? Read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

How do I get these apps?
Two of them can be downloaded free from the iPhone's App Store or from Android's Google Play; the LearnVest app is for the iPhone only. The apps are virtually the same on both operating systems.
What is unique about the Mint App?
The Mint app is great for keeping track of personal finances. It can be a hub for viewing all of your account balances, and you can get alerts for when you're close to breaking your budget. You can also get notifications about which bills are close to being due. It's a great app for monitoring your most basic financial accounts.
What is unique about the Venmo app?
Need to make a simple financial transaction with a friend or family member? If so, Venmo is a fantastic way to do it. This is one of the most basic mobile transaction apps on the market, which makes it a great tool for managing your finances.
What is unique about the LearnVest app?
This app is very similar to Mint. For no charge, you get a hub with which to view all of your accounts. What makes this app unique is you can pay extra to connect with actual financial advisors who can help with important money-management decisions.
How much do these apps cost to use?
The Mint, Venmo and LearnVest apps are all free to use. Most of the best financial management apps are free -- including apps by Level Money, Qapital and PayPal -- but some do cost money.
Can I use these apps without a smartphone?
All three of these top-rated money management apps are available for free online. You can use them with desktop or mobile Web browsers -- a smartphone isn't required.
How do these apps help to keep track of my budget?
The Mint and LearnVest apps do more than just monitor your accounts. These apps also help you see how much money is left in each part of your budget. See how much you've spent and allocated on gas, groceries, restaurants and more.
Do these apps have ads?
These apps are free to use, but in exchange they do have ads. Users should expect to see advertisements from banks and financial services. As an extra feature, some of these apps display how much people could save by using these advertised services.

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