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    What to Ask About AAA Car Rental Discounts

    Need a car rental for your next business trip, vacation or special event? AAA offers several valuable benefits in addition to the roadside service millions have come to depend on, and one of the added benefits of a AAA membership is saving significant time and money on car rentals. AAA will gladly help you find the car rental company and pricing that works best for your needs, and AAA's special partnership with Hertz means you'll enjoy even more savings and benefits when you choose Hertz for your next rental! Your AAA membership means you can benefit from special pricing and packages, including free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® membership and the chance to earn a free rental day. Whether you're a frequent traveler or just want the peace of mind knowing you'll save time and money on car rentals when you need them, consider using your AAA membership for valuable car rental discounts! 

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    How much money will I save at Hertz with my AAA membership?
    Special pricing and discounts available with your AAA membership will vary based on your membership level and the rental agency you choose. To find out how much you can save on your next rental using your AAA membership, visit AAA online or call your AAA representative before booking your rental! 
    Will I get discounts on rentals from other agencies besides Hertz?
    While the partnership between AAA and Hertz offers the best discounts and benefits, you can also save money at other participating rental agencies, as well. The AAA online rental car search will show you the best pricing and savings available to you, or you can contact AAA directly for more information about how you can save on your car rentals through AAA! 
    Can I book my car rental through AAA?
    AAA takes the hassle out of finding your next rental car! Visit the AAA website or talk to a AAA representative to find out about current promotions and discounts and to learn more about booking your next rental! In most cases, you can reserve your rental car quickly and easily with just a few clicks! 
    Do I have to use Hertz in order to receive AAA rental car discounts?
    AAA and Hertz have teamed up to provide you with special pricing and benefits, but AAA can help you book your rental with any one of several companies. The AAA website will show you the best pricing and deals for your area on the dates you choose, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you. You can also call AAA for assistance with your rental in several locations worldwide!
    Do I need to be a AAA member to book my rental through AAA?
    While you don't need to be a AAA member to use the online car rental search tool, special pricing and discounts are reserved for members only, and you'll be required to show proof of membership when you pick up your rental. If you aren't already a AAA member, signing up is easy and benefits are effective almost immediately. If you have more questions about AAA membership and car rental discounts, visit the AAA website for more information, or call to speak with a AAA representative today! 
    What kind of vehicle can I rent with my AAA membership?
    AAA makes it easy to choose the perfect vehicle for your needs at a price you can afford! The online car rental tool will show you a variety of vehicle options, prices and rental companies to choose from, and special promotions can be automatically applied! So whether your'e looking for a sexy convertible for your next vacation or a dependable compact car for your next business trip, AAA car rentals makes everything convenient and hassle-free! 
    Does my membership allow me to upgrade my rental for free?
    Certain membership levels with AAA may allow you a free upgrade or even a free rental day when renting through AAA and partnering rental agencies. To learn more, refer to your membership handbook, visit AAA online or contact a AAA representative. The rental agency you choose may also be able to provide you with information regarding AAA benefits that apply to your rental. 
    Which car rental companies offer AAA car rental discounts?
    AAA is happy to provide you with assistance in finding the right car rental company for your needs and budget worldwide. In addition, AAA has partnered with Hertz to offer special discounts and benefits to members that can earn you up to an entire free day for your car rental! Discounts are also available at other rental agencies when you use your AAA membership. Talk to a AAA representative when booking your next car rental to save the most time and money!