8 Things to Ask to Get Free iPhone 7

Can't wait to get your hands on the new iPhone 7, but you don't want to pay full price? How about getting a new iPhone for free? While it's possible to get a free iPhone 7, the easier route is to buy Apple's newest smartphone with little or no money down. Either way, Apple has made it easy for consumers to get their hands on this great new phone. The Apple iPhone 7 is an improvement over previous models in many ways. It's faster, more comfortable to hold, has a higher-quality camera and comes loaded with apps. And, of course, the new iPhone 7 is super-easy to use thanks to Apple's highly intuitive operating system. Check out the new iPhone 7 from numerous phone retailers and search for the best deals online. Here are eight questions to ask that can help you get either a free or low-cost iPhone 7.

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Can I get a free iPhone 7 from a contest?
Look online for contests that offer the new iPhone as a prize. It's totally up to chance as to whether you'll win, but if you want a free iPhone, this option can work -- if you're lucky.
Can I get a free iPhone 7 as a product tester?
A great way to get a free phone is to sign up with Apple as a product tester. If chosen, you'll be given a free iPhone 7 with the catch that you report feedback to Apple about your habits, the phone's performance and other metrics. Apple relies on product tester feedback to improve the quality of its products.
Can I upgrade to an iPhone 7 for free?
Don't immediately think that your next phone upgrade is free. Often, you'll just end up paying for the cost of the phone over a period of several months. You might also be charged an upgrade fee.
Is this iPhone 7 free with a plan?
Eventually, phone providers might actually offer free iPhone 7s in exchange for signing long-term service contracts. Most carriers have moved away from contract plans, but this is an example of when offering a plan makes sense.
If Apple introduces a newer model before my contract ends, how can I upgrade?
This will depend on the carrier. It also depends on how much of your contract remains. It is a good idea to ask questions about mid-contract upgrades. Keep in mind that the carrier has subsidized the cost of the phone on the front end. Their primary goal is to recoup as much of the phone's cost as possible. Think of it this way - if the iPhone sells for $700, that amount is divided by 24. Any interest charges or taxes that are applicable will be added to your monthly bill. If you cancel after 5 months, your buyout of the iPhone will be larger than if you walk away after 20 months.
If I trade in my old phone, will I have to pay for iPhone 7?
Each carrier has a different trade-in policy for the iPhone 7. More than likely, you will be required to extend your service for another 2 years. If you choose to stop your service before the end of that period, you may be required to pay the balance of phone's price. Some carriers want to stay for at least 80 percent of the contract. Even then you will have to pay any balance left on the phone's purchase price.
Do you have a payment plan?

Your "free" phone may actually be a phone that you're paying for with additional monthly payments. Be sure to ask if this is the program your free iPhone 7 falls under.

Do I get credit for my old phone if I leave before my contract ends?
In most cases, if you leave before the duration of the contract, you will not get credit for that phone. Essentially, if you walk away during the contract, you will have given away a phone that still has value and still owe for the value of the iPhone 7.

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