8 Reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S8 Beats the iPhone 8

Samsung wins again! With the release of the iPhone 8, many are comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S8 in order to determine which phone rules the smartphone market. Turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S8 beats the new iPhone 8 head-to-head in several key areas. With the two phones being within $30 or less in price difference, the choice comes down to much more than cost. (The iPhone 8 retails for $699 while the Galaxy S8 starts at $720.) There are many different features offered on both, with the screen size being one of the first differences that consumers notice. The Galaxy offers 5.8 inches compared to the 8's 4.7 inches. The Samsung still has a headphone jack and also an input for a MicroSD card that allows for more storage. Both phones offer wireless charging and are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. When it comes to display quality, the Samsung is on top again, with a much higher resolution and 570ppi. Both phones are top quality, and you can't go wrong with either, but here's how the Samsung Galaxy S8 Beats the iPhone 8.

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Is the Galaxy S8 the better phone for camera enthusiasts?

The 8 contains a single camera with 12-megapixels and none of the features contained in the X, such as telephoto zoom or portrait lighting. The S8 shines well above the 8 and is considered to have one of the best cameras available in phones in its price range.

What is the price difference between the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8?

There is not a significant difference, with the 8 offered at $699 and the S8 starting at $720.

Between the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8, which offers the better processor chip?

The iPhone 8 has the A11 bionic chip that is considered to be the best processor available today. The Galaxy S8 contains the Snapdragon 835 which cannot compete with the A11.

Does the iPhone 8 offer wireless charging?

Yes, both the 8 and the S8 are compatible with the Qi standard. The S8 has the added benefit of being compatible with PMA and their own proprietary wireless charging standard that allows for quicker charging.

Do either of the models protect the phone if it's dropped in water?

Yes, both of the phones are water resistant, with the 8 safe in up to five feet of water, and the S8 up to six feet, for up to 30 minutes. It is not recommended that this feature be tested, but it is a nice safety feature. Both are also resistant to dust. 

How much larger is the Galaxy S8 display area than the iPhone 8?

The S8 display measures 5.8 inches compared to the iPhone 8 which clocks in at 4.7 inches. The display size is just the first difference, with the quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8 notably superior in most display metrics.

What phone is best if you prefer wired headphones?

Wireless headphones are an expense that not everyone wants to incur, and many consumers find the wireless headphone feature a disadvantage. The S8 does offer a wired headphone option as well as a port for a memory-expanding MicroSD card.

Which has a longer battery life, the iPhone 8 or the Galaxy S8?

According to tech journalists and those that have tested both phones' run-down times, battery life is not demonstrably different.

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