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    8 Questions to Ask About Stem Cell Injections

    Stem Cell injections for MS can be an incredible valuable treatment plan that can improve the lives of MS patients everywhere. Though some can live with MS displaying few to no symptoms, this is not the case for everyone. Many MS patients can display a wide variety of symptoms as MS gradually weakens the body by attacking the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Some of these MS symptoms include trouble with vision or hearing, as well as numbness and tingling sensations throughout the body. Other symptoms may include trouble with memory, fatigue and dizziness among many others. While various immunosuppressant drugs, and drugs meant to control and prevent relapses are available, experimental stem cell injections may be even more helpful for certain individuals with MS. Here are the 8 questions you should be asking about stem cell injections for MS.

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    Are these stem cell injections considered a cure?
    While stem cell injections have certainly shown a lot of progress in reversing MS progression, they should not quite be considered a cure for MS. As the trials have shown, the injections mostly cure patients of their symptoms, not rid the body of the disease.
    Are there risks?
    Every treatment comes with its fair share of risks. No one person will respond to a treatment in the exact same way. In fact one person in the clinical trial died of liver failure. Other patients did not show a decrease in symptoms, but this can be attributed to the fact that their MS had already progressed so much.
    How many patients have benefited so far?
    A majority of the number of test patients have benefited so far. Out of 24 test subjects, 70 percent of patients so promising results. Progression of MS was either slowed down or reversed, reducing their symptoms significantly.
    Are the effects of MS the same for everyone?
    The effects of MS will unlikely be the same for everyone. Some cases of MS may show few to no symptoms while others will show more symptoms that can range from mild to severe. In addition some cases of MS may be continuously progressing, while others might be characterized by relapses that causes symptoms on and off. However, the relapsing form may progress into the progressing form where stem cell therapy may be most useful.
    How are stem cell injections implemented?
    Stem cell injections are transplants, given in combination with chemotherapy that can help restart the immune system. These stem cells come bone marrow taken from the patients themselves.
    How are the latest efforts in Canada different from past results?
    Past results of stem cell injections have shown a lot of promise, though not as significant as this latest experiment. In the past stem cell therapy has only shown promise for the short term. In most cases, the presence of symptoms in MS patients always returned, but this may not be the case now, at least for a longer term.
    Will it work in severe cases of MS?
    Stem cell injections have the potential to work even in severe cases of MS. The test subject that showed positive results, actually have severe crippling MS, that was actually bad enough that she was willing to participate in the high-risk experiment.
    Can MS progression be reversed?
    MS progression may be able to be reversed entirely thanks to Canadian doctors who have been working on a solution that may help eliminate MS. Already, a test patient has shown a lot of promise, in which the doctors were able to practically eliminate MS in its entirety.