8 Helpful Facts for Clearing Up Nasal Congestion

Stuffy and congested nasal passages are no one's idea of a picnic, and over-the-counter medications aren't always handy when you need them. These eight helpful remedies can help you to feel better and breathe easier in no time, without the need for OTC medications! Keeping the nasal passages moist will help them to remain open, this can be accomplished with a humidifier that keeps a lot of moisture in the air. Taking a nice hot shower is another way to open up your sinus passages and relieve congestion. Drinking a lot of water and other liquids will keep you hydrated which is another easy and effective way to keep your nasal passages clear. Saline sprays and nasal drains, such as Neti pots, will keep your passages clear while also temporarily relieving the discomfort caused by nasal congestion. Warm compresses, decongestants, and antihistamines are also effective ways to keep your nasal passages clear and feeling good. Suffering from a stuffy nose? Keep reading to learn more about clearing up those congested sinuses. 

Why do hot showers help me to feel better when I am congested?

The steam from the shower will soothe the blood vessels in your nasal passages and also work to thin and clear out any mucus that has built up due to the congestion. Taking a hot shower when you have a cold or allergies is an effective way to clear up your nasal congetion and lessen any discomfort that you are experiencing.

Will consuming a lot of liquids help to clear up congestion?

Yes. Liquids will help to thin any mucus that has accumulated in your nasal passages due to congestion and also help to get it draining out of your nose. This drainage will reduce the pressure you are feeling in your sinuses and help you to breathe a lot better.

Are saline sprays safe, and do they work to relieve congestion?

Saline sprays are a very effective tool in combatting nasal congestion. They directly moisturize the nasal passages, thin any mucus that has built up, and help to decrease inflammation in the blood vessels. This saltwater mixture is very safe and effective to use.

How long can nasal decongestants be used safely?

It is not recommended that nasal decongestants, whether they be sprays or oral medications, be used for more than three days. In fact, if they are used longer than this duration they may make your symptoms worse. If your symptoms persist without improvement it is always best to call your doctor.

Will allergy medication work to clear my sinuses even if I don't suffer from allergies?

Decongestants, whether for colds or allergies, mostly contain the same active ingredients. Antihistamines which are effective against allergic reactions are also useful in combatting symptoms caused by other factors. Be aware that antihistamines can cause drowsiness.

How do warm compresses help to relieve nasal congestion?

A warm compress can help to relive congestion through the outside, by helping to open the nasal passages. Place a warm compress over the forehead and nose in order to relieve inflammation and improve breathing.

How can humidifiers help to relieve nasal congestion?

Humidifiers help to keep moisture in the air which keeps the nasal passages from drying out. The moisture helps the passages to keep mucus thin and relieve swollen blood vessels. Adding a humidifier to your home can help to significantly improve your congestion.

What is a Neti pot?

These pots help to clear mucus by flushing water through the nostrils in order to clear the nasal passages. The FDA advises that distilled or sterile water be used rather than tap, other than that, it is a very simple and effective device to use.

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