8 Commonly Missed Symptoms of Hearing Loss in Seniors

Hearing loss is a common occurrence especially among seniors. Aging is among the most frequent causes of hearing loss, and years of taking medications such as Aspirin -- also common among seniors -- can also lead to reduced hearing. Years of being exposed to loud noises at home or at the workplace can also contribute to this problem. Fortunately, seniors can get hearing aids that can help them compensate for hearing loss over time, but first they must realize they have a problem. Hearing loss tends to sneak up on people who don't realize their hearing has diminished. That's why it's so important to know the symptoms. Read on to learn the eight commonly missed symptoms of hearing loss in seniors.

Symptom #1: Tinnitus

Tinnitus usually manifests as a ringing or high-pitched tone in the ears, but it can take on a wide range of sounds. Tinnitus is most often associated with age-related hearing loss. However, this condition is common among people of all ages, so many seniors don't think twice about ringing sounds they might hear. Take tinnitus serious, especially if you're a senior, and talk to your doctor about hearing loss.

Symptom #2: Sounds become muffled

As people begin to experience hearing loss, certain sounds might become muffled and eventually difficult to hear. This is a symptom that's hard to detect because it happens so gradually. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor though if you feel you're missing out on the crispness of common sounds.

Symptom #3: Difficulty hearing consonants

Similar to sounds being muffled, consonants are the hard parts of our English language, and those hard sounds -- like the hard "c" on "close" - are diminished as sound sharpness deteriorates.

Symptom #4: Hard to understand words in a crowded room

Another early sign of hearing loss is the decreased ability to focus on certain sounds, which can make understanding spoken words difficult when surrounded by other people or when in noisy rooms. Seniors often consider this just a part of getting old, but this could be a sign of more hearing loss still to come.

Symptom #5: Frequently turning up the TV or music volume

Always reaching for the volume remote? If so, you might have hearing loss. This is one of the easiest early symptoms to detect, because most people spend at least part of their days watching television.

Symptom #6: Frequently asking others to repeat themselves

Seniors who frequently ask others to repeat themselves might not even realize they've become hard of hearing. They often think people are speaking quietly, when in reality they're speaking at normal volumes.

Symptom #7: Avoiding social situations

It's easier to stay home than to go out in situations where you feel uncomfortable. This is a warning sign of hearing loss and various other health issues. Seniors who find themselves spending more time at home (and are otherwise healthy) should learn more about hearing loss.

Symptom #8: Backing out of conversations

People who can't hear as well during conversations might feel subconsciously adverse to carrying on conversations. If you find yourself withdrawing from more conversations, think about your hearing and whether you're actually able to participate.

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