8 Common Myths about Healthy Diets for Dogs

Owning a pet can bring a lot of joy and happiness into your life and many families treat their dogs like a member of the family. But are you providing your canine with a healthy diet? Nearly half of all dogs in America are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. If you want to give your dog the best of everything, including a healthy diet, there is a lot of information available, but a lot of it is confusing. These eight common myths about healthy diets for dogs include misinformation and falsehoods that you will want to avoid. From the best foods to healthy ingredients to look for in your dog's food, there are a lot of helpful hints that can enable you to take even better care of Fido! With proper exercise and a nutritious diet, your pet can be a vibrant part of your family for many years to come. But are these healthy dog foods worth the money? You bet! Here are eight myths debunked about healthy diets for dogs.

Are expensive brands the best dog food for our pet?

There are many good dog foods available, and the most expensive brands are not always the best. If you are looking to choose a quality food for your dog, look at the ingredients. You want the protein source to be in the top three, and there should not be a high concentration of grains and other fillers.

If I feed my dog dry food do I still need to brush their teeth?

This is one of the most dangerous myths surrounding pet health. While dry food does create some abrasion on the dog's teeth, their dental health remains an important part of their overall care. Be sure to brush your dog's teeth regualry and check with your vet to see if they require any additional dental care.

Do "complete" dog foods meet all of their nutritional needs?

While a complete and healthy dog food is a good start, there are additional ways to boost the quality of your dog's diet. Adding healthy meats and vegetables to their dog food helps to round out their diet and offer than a variety of tasty foods. If necessary, your dog may also benefit from a multivitamin, but be sure to check with your vet first.

Is the new raw food trend healthy for pets?

The digestive systems of dogs are different than those of humans but there are still precautions that must be taken. It is best to feed your dog frozen raw meats in order to decrease the possibility of e Coli and other harmful bacteria. Take care in the handling of any raw meat and be sure to wash their bowls out thoroughly after feeding your dog anything raw.

Is it true that high protein diets can harm my older dog's kidneys?

This is false. A high-quality protein diet will be beneficial to your dog as they age. Avoid foods that have a high concentration of soy and corn or grains. These plant based ingredients are used as fillers and are difficult for older pets to digest and have low nutritional value.

Do dogs have difficulty adapting to a different food?

It is not known how or why this myth started, but it is not true. As long as both foods are of high-quality and have a strong concentration of protein with few fillers, your dog should not have a problem. In fact, giving your dog a variety of different foods is the best method to keep their system healthy.

Is it ever OK to feed your dog table scraps?

In moderation, "people food" is not harmful to your dog. Be sure that the food is cut up and is healthy. While you do not want to give them junk food, meat, veggies, and fruits are not harmful. Be sure to feed the dog from their bowl, not the table, and decrease their dog food to offset the additional calories.

Is it true that a dog's nutritional needs change as they age?

As your dog ages, they will become less active and more prone to unhealthy weight gain. Cut down on the amount of food that you give them, and if possible increase the quality of their dog food. During their senior years, dogs are more susceptible to serious health issues such as kidney failure.

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