8 Common FAQs that Lawyers Need to Know About Online Marketing in 2017

Marketing for lawyers is critical for law practices that want to connect with new clients. Numerous firms can help attorneys take advantage of various forms of advertising ranging from traditional print ads to the many forms of online marketing. Some marketing companies specialize in legal advertising, while others have broader knowledge about certain types of ad strategies -- either approach is suitable, depending on your goals. Some attorneys handle their marketing in-house, but hiring a firm is the best way to guarantee more worthwhile efficiency using the top three advertising channels of Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and SEO. If you're seeking help for marketing your law firm, read on for important information that could you decide from the best options.

How can Google AdWords help with my marketing?

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click ad platform that can deliver almost instant results -- just start an account, build a campaign and watch as visitors arrive at your website. However, AdWords can quickly drain your ad budget if you're not using it correctly. A marketing expert can help ensure a positive return on your investment.

Should I hire an SEO expert?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, encompasses numerous techniques that improve how your website is positioned on search engine results pages. The better your search rankings, the more people will find your law practice's website when using Google, Bing and other search engines. Implementing a good SEO strategy requires a broad understanding of Web design, content and marketing -- which is why most business owners usually seek help from SEO experts.

Is Facebook advertising a viable platform for marketing my law firm?

Facebook advertising is the newest of the top three advertising channels. It might also be the most game-changing. Whether you own a law firm or a used car dealership, Facebook advertising lets you connect with potential customers in ways that aren't possible with typical search engine advertising. Beyond Facebook's advertising tools, this social media platform can also help you engage potential clients with blogs and status updates about various legal issues.

Is my website responsive for mobile phone browsers?

Does your law practice's website display and function properly on a mobile Web browser? More people view the Internet nowadays (social media included) from smartphones and tablets than from desktops and laptops. There's little value in online advertising if your website isn't responsive for mobile browsers.

How do I know my marketing efforts are getting results?

Reputable marketing agencies can provide regular reports of their actions and results. Using analytic data, it's actually quite easy for trained advertising experts to show how their efforts have translated to new clients for your law firm. It's unrealistic to expect new marketing efforts to be profitable right away, but marketing firms should be able to provide a clear advertising strategy and show how it's working over time.

How fast can I expect results?

Some forms of marketing pay off more quickly than others. For example, you'll start seeing results from Google AdWords or Facebook advertising very quickly, but getting results from SEO could take weeks or months.

Where can I find testimonials for marketing agencies?

Most marketing firms post testimonials on their websites; you can also check with directory services such as Yelp and Google Plus. Checking out a marketing firm's Facebook page is a great way to see how firms communicate with their customers.

Can’t I just do marketing on my own?

Depending on the size of your law firm -- and depending on the types of advertising you already do -- you may find some success in handling your own marketing with either Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising or SEO. However, making the most of these high-value advertising platforms can easily become a full-time job. Hiring a professional marketing firm or a specialized law-oriented advertising company is the best way to cover your bases while maximizing your ad budget.

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