3 Project Management Software Companies You’ve Never Heard of

Is your small business in need or project management software? Project management software is invaluable for planning project schedules, allocating company resources, documenting progress and various other purposes. Here, we'll go over three project management software companies you've probably never heard of -- they are TeamGantt, Celoxis and Comindware Project. Although you probably haven't heard of these companies -- surprise! They're going to save you bigly! All are affordably priced for small business budgets, and at least one should have the features you need to elevate your project management. Which software is best for you? Read on to learn more about these options.

What makes TeamGantt a good tool for small businesses?

TeamGantt is ideal for small businesses because it's affordable, easy to implement and simple to learn. This software features built-in tutorials so you don't need to worry about training.

Why use Comindware Project?

Comindware Project is great for small businesses that want a simple, team-oriented approach to project management. It works with an unlimited number of projects and comes for a low monthly fee.

What is unique about Comindware Project?

The team-oriented design of this software makes it a unique project management tool. It can be configured so that all team members can track the status of their projects. Meanwhile, project managers can access data for tracking projects on the whole.

What if I want to pay a single rate for many users?

Some small businesses have several employees who collectively handle project management responsibilities. If this is the case for you, then you might prefer paying a larger monthly rate to allow more than one user. Zoho Projects and Teamwork Projects are both good companies that allow multiple users.

What is unique about TeamGantt?

The TeamGantt project management software includes integrated Gantt charts. These charts put your projects on times that not only show current progress, but also the time needed to finish projects. Other project management tools use these charts as third-party add-ons, but here you can get it integrated into the software as intended.

Why use Celoxis for my small business project management?

Celoxis is an online application with an intuitive, simple interface. It requires no installation since it runs in your browser. Celoxis also has a large number of built-in tools and features, making this an ideal project management solution for established small businesses.

What is unique about Celoxis?

Its aforementioned financial tools are unique for project management tools in this price range. You can easily see how projects are billed and whether costs are over or under budget. You can also track the progress and costs of staff vs. contract work through different stages of projects.

Which project management programs are the most affordable?

If you're looking to minimize spending, then check out Comindware Project and TeamGantt. These companies offer their software for less than $10 per user per month per user.

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