2017’s Top 3 Wireless Deals with Senior Discounts

Good news for senior phone users -- now is a great time to get great, exclusive discounts on cellular phone services on the nation's best cellular networks! Some discounts are applied monthly on your service bill, while others are in the form of coupons or rebates applied when starting your service. We've compared numerous offers to bring you 2017's top three wireless deals with senior discounts -- they're offered by AT&T, Consumer Cellular and T-Mobile. And before we go further, let's just say that AARP members will be especially pleased by our findings. Don't overpay for cellular phone service if you're a senior customer. Compare these deals and take advantage of special pricing to get the plan that best fits your needs! Read on to learn more about wireless phone discounts that can help you save money. Learn more.

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What is Consumer Cellular's senior phone plan?

Consumer Cellular offers service for less than $25 per moth for senior AARP members. These plans include talk, texting and even data for using the Internet.

What is AT&T senior wireless discount plan?

First on our list is AT&T program through the AARP, offering members 10 percent discounts on monthly rates of various phone plans. AARP members can also get 15 percent off of various cellular accessories. This discount can be obtained at stores or online.

What is T-Mobile's discount plan?

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere recently announced exciting news for seniors age 55+ - two lines on the Unlimited plan for just $60 per month. If you only need a single line, you'll pay $50 a month. That gets you unlimited talk, text and data, all for one low monthly price. 

Which three wireless plans are the best?

Our three favorite wireless discount plans for seniors are offered by AT&T, Consumer Cellular and T-Mobile. The deals from AT&T and Consumer Cellular require being a member of the AARP, which offers a number of services and discounts to its senior members.

Are there other wireless offers for seniors?

Most major cellular carriers offer promotions or discount wireless phone plans for seniors. If you're interested in changing or upgrading your service, be sure to shop around and see which offers are currently available. You should also check the AARP's website for more information.

Do either of these senior discount plans waive activation fees?

Consumer Cellular's plan for AARP members waives the activation fee, which is normally a cost of $35.

What if I want to add additional phones?

If you have a spouse, life partner or others in your household who you'd like to be part of your plan, Consumer Cellular lets you add additional lines for $10 each. AT&T offers similar prices on most of their cellular plans, and T-Mobile's 55+ Unlimited plan offers two lines for just $60 per month. 

Do these phone plans require contracts?

Each of our top three wireless plans for seniors can be set up with no contracts needed, just keep in mind that you may need to pay for your phone outright instead of in monthly installments if you choose this option. Seniors often prefer no-contract plans because they offer greater financial flexibility. They're also cheaper for people who don't use their phones heavily.

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