10 Most Useful Projects Using a 3D printer

The word is out and 3D printers are hot. Providing the ability to print tangible objects from a digital 3D model, 3D printers offer so many uses in the real world. Today, the popularity of 3D printing is reaching an all-time high, because so many have only begun to discover the uses of 3D printing. Best of all, 3D printers are now more affordable than ever. As a terrific option for a birthday gift or Christmas gift, your family, friend or significant other would love one of these 3D printers. But if you aren’t quite sure what they’d do with it, perhaps it’s time to enlighten you. If you are interested in the idea of a 3D printer for yourself or a loved one, ask this about the top 10 most useful projects using a 3D printer.

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Are there any uses for plant lovers?

Plant lovers that maybe aren’t the best at caring for their plants may find a self-watering planter to be an incredibly useful tool that you can print. Fill it with water and your plants will never again be subject to neglect and death. Or you can print a tool that allows you to turn a jar into a greenhouse by printing a water reservoir that can connect with any size jar, mimicking a green house on a much smaller scale.

Can I print furniture?

You may be surprised to learn that you can even download furniture. Objects like shelves or dressers can be downloaded, and are perfect for consolidating loose items in your home. An available secret shelf is great for storing secret items inside while allowing you to store objects on top.

Can I print gift boxes?

Printing a gift box is a great way to package all your gifts without having to leave the house -- and yes, you can print boxes on 3D printers. The Labyrinth gift box is a fun way to wrap your presents, working as a maze for the recipient to figure out in order to get to the gift.

What holding tools can be printed?

3D printers can be used to print a number of useful household items. If you like to read, you can print a page holding tool that will allow you to hold your book open while you hold it with one hand. An earbud holder is a great tool that can protect your earbuds from getting tangled or chewed up by the family pet. Additionally, you can download all sorts of hooks for hanging objects on walls.

Can I print stands?

Finding a stand for the right size item can be difficult when you go to the store. But few realize that you can actually print out stands for small items that you can use to hold a frame or electronic items like headphones. Likewise, you can print out objects like bookstands to hold up books on selves.

Can I print clips and buckles?

You can download objects with multiple parts, such as a carabiner, a kind of clip. While it can’t be quite used for mountain climbing, you can use the clip for connecting and fastening of all sorts of other objects, as it can hold up to 70 lbs of weight. You can also print buckles for bags or whatever else. Another option is to print deadbolts for doors.

What survival tools can be made?

Sometime living everyday is a struggle itself, even if you aren’t out in the woods. Even when you aren’t out on the street, you never know when you could be attacked or assaulted. Easily printed items like a survival whistle can be printed in no time and work just as well as one you purchase at the store.

Can I print a clock?

You may not be able to print a clock. Unfortunately, 3D printers are not yet that advanced. However, you can print a sundial. The sundial can estimate the exact time of day using the light from the sun to give you an exact digital time such as 12:20, but it only works in daylight.

What tools can I print?

Printing tools is easily one of the most useful and convenient things about owning a 3D printer. You’ll never have to leave the house to get that tool you need ever again. For instance, you can easily download a wrench to loosen that bolt or download a bottle opener to crack open that beer. Even download a plastic hammer capable of hammering in nails just as well as a metal one.

What tools ca help me with heavy lifting?

If you need to lift and hold up heavy objects, downloading an printing a platform jack can be incredibly useful. No assembly is required, because it comes out as one piece and is a fairly decent weight too. You’ll be surprised when you see it.

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